Delphine Piovant

After two years spent learning the art of black and white printing from George Fèvre, a professor at the workshops of the City of Paris and also a printer at Pictorial Service, Delphine Piovant joined this great laboratory in 1991.

For 14 years, she worked with the most renowned photographers, often admiring their work. She witnessed the extraordinary transformation of this profession with the advent of digital technology, which disrupted the habits of laboratories.

In 2006, she decided to create her own workshop, Atelier Label image, to continue working in a craft manner in direct relation with authors.

The workshop offered digital services as well as a silver black and white laboratory, which unfortunately had to be closed in 2012.

The workshop changed its name in 2017 and became D Images. She collaborated closely with photographers, painters, illustrators, galleries, institutions, advertisers, etc.

Some artists and institutions she regularly collaborates with include:

Kapwani Kiwanga, Marie Hudelot, Edith Roux, Sabine Delcour, Olivia Gay, Patrick Tournéboeuf, Jean-Charles Pigeau, Jean-Louis Sarrans, Hélène Marcoz, Erro, Esther Woerdehoff Gallery, Centre Pompidou Metz, Cité de la Musique, Institut du Monde Arabe, Hermes, Chanel, Atelier Jean Nouvel.

For the past 12 years, she has been a partner of the Fetart association and has produced all the prints for the Circulations Festival exhibited at 104 in Paris.